Our Company

Industry leaders providing security solutions and unparalleled service to Rowlett, TX.

34 Years of Experience Installing Quality Security Solutions in Rowlett, TX



Grayson Pro-Tech was formed by Mark and Dianne Scoggins and Tom Mills.


After 1 year of business growth, the company left their home office and relocated to 110 South Fannin in Denison, TX.


Due to growth, Grayson Pro-Tech added a additional technician and a full time receptionist.


Grayson Pro-Tech begins installation of digital alarm systems.


Grayson Pro-Tech purchases a 4,000 sq-ft office and warehouse at 3729 North State Hwy 91 in Denison, TX.


Grayson Pro-Tech has grown to approximately 620 monitored accounts, celebrates its 10 year anniversary, and joins the efforts of the Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association.


Surveillance is added to the line up of services and offerings.


Access Control is added to the line up of offerings.


Future owners of Grayson Pro-Tech, Richard Berry and Teresa Berry, founded Communication Services of North Texas (CSNT). CSNT's offerings included Burglar Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, Surveillance Systems, Telephone Systems and Data/Fiber-Optic Cabling.


CSNT opens office at 116 South Crockett in downtown Sherman, TX.


Grayson Pro-Tech celebrates 30 years of business. CSNT moves office location to 5444 Texoma Parkway due to growth.


Mark and Dianne Scoggins officially retire after 31 years of of ownership and dedication to the community. CSNT purchases Grayson Pro-Tech and its building from Mark and Dianne, and combines its security database with Grayson Pro-Tech forming more than 1,100 monitored accounts.


Richard and Teresa Berry celebrate 10 years of business ownership and 1 year of ownership of Grayson Pro-Tech.

Our Expertise

We have been serving residential and commercial properties in Rowlett, TX since 1985. With more than three decades of experience, we have seen it all. We put this expertise to good use when training our technicians and when helping you, the customer. Our expertise allows us to install custom solutions for each one of our customers.

Our Passion

Providing security solutions for our community is our passion. Ever since we founded our company in 1984, we have concerned ourselves with addressing the security needs of home and business owners in Rowlett, TX. With over 30 years in the local area, our passion is protecting the friends and family who make up the surrounding community.

Our Community

Because we have been part of the community for three decades, you can understand how important it is to us to keep it safe. In fact, it’s the reason why our core values are to provide integrity and fairness with our pricing structure and to provide friendliness to all customers. We have always sought to build trust and establishment with members of our community and continue to do so as we expand our business. Nothing makes us happier than when a member of the community calls and tells us that they heard about our business from an associate and would like to work together.

Our Shared Vision

The vision for our company is to continue growing our business while maintaining a hometown feel. We currently serve over 1,000 monitored customers in the area, and continually receive phone calls from our customers informing us how helpful our technicians were. This is the customer service difference with which we pride ourselves. Knowing that members of our community can trust our staff to answer their questions when they are needed most is the aspect of the business we wish to continue to deliver every day. It’s our goal to be able to help more companies in the area while still providing the best customer service possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

Since 1984 we have been providing our community with security solutions.

Why should I choose your company?

We've maintained a huge reputation since 1984. We have established trust in the community and pride ourselves on our custom security solutions, fair prices, and customer service.

Are your systems custom?

Yes! Everything is customized for our clients. We know every customer is different and provide custom systems to fit each of your needs.

What types of security services do you provide?

We provide total security solutions. This includes access control, cabling, fire alarm systems, surveillance, alarms, and installation. We truly provide all you need to keep your property and loved ones safe.

Does your business follow-up with clients?

We are still servicing alarm systems installed from the late 1980's.